How To Care For Your Silk

Silk is the most delicate and elegant textile to own.  We highly recommend a cold, gentle hand-wash followed by air-drying your silk; it's that simple! You only need a dime-size of natural detergent.  This is an affordable and environmentally friendly way to wash your silk.  
The more love you give your silk, the more it loves your hair and skin! 
Alternatively, you may let your silk sit in weak detergent water for 5-10 minutes.  Press your silk with a towel; never twist or wring it out; always follow by air-drying. To maintain our beautiful colours, avoid direct sunlight.  
When it's time for you to wear your Silk Labs goods again, give your items a light steam to get that perfect silky look back.  
To keep your Silk Labs goods looking beautiful, try to avoid contact with rough surfaces, and be aware of jewellery or accessories that could snag your silk.