How Our Silk Is Sourced Ethically

Did you know, that silk comes from a worm? 

Traditionally, silkworms are picked from their cocoons, are boiled and spun into threads.  Yes you read that right - BOILED! 

Thankfully, we found a new way to source our silk. 

Our silk worms are given time to develop into moths to source our 100% Silk ethically.  

Once they have grown into moths, the textile is safely picked from the cocoon or picked from the ground where the threads naturally have dropped.  

From that stage, the textile sourced from the cocoon is spun.  Depending on how it is woven together you get a different result!  To achieve the classic shiny Silk-Satin we all know and love, the fabric is woven together extremely tightly.  To achieve our Chiffon Silk (which is translucent and matte) the textile is woven looser.